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"Atvirukas" allows you to create personal postcards and sends them out for you.

"Atvirukas" requires modern browser. It is tested with Chrome, Firefox and Safari (desktop and mobile).

While we hope that "Atvirukas" user interface is simple and intuitive, you might want to know more details. The process contains following steps:

Select postcard template

For postcard's front side you can select a template with predefined set of image and text fields. If you feel creative then you can select empty template and add fields yourself.

Design postcard's front side

Front side has following controls:

Image field controls

When you select image field you get following controls:

Text field controls

When you select text field you get following controls:

Design postcard's back side

Back side has following controls:

Make final decisions

Lastly you can make some final decisions:

Make payment

Here you can simply click "Buy" button.

If you have concerns, requests or questions write to in English or Lithuanian language.